Thousands of people around the world love to gamble. Due to the existence of online casinos, the number of gamblers has increased. Gambling has a great connection with music. When you gamble online with the impeccable operator Griffon Casino, you will hear good music in the background.

In Las Vegas casinos, music is played continuously to keep the gamblers in the mood to gamble. Live music is often played there. The Las Vegas casinos often invite popular singers to sing at their casino to entertain the guests and increase their revenues. Many of these casinos have regular singers and guest performers.

World-famous singers like Celine Dion, Garth Brooks, and Cher have performed at the Caesars Palace and Wynn. Singers Elton John, Rod Stewards, Donnie, and Marie play regularly at Caesars.

Several music festivals and concerts are held in Las Vegas casinos. Hip hop concerts and travelling rock shows are the most popular. Nelly, Jay-Z, Dre, and Snoop Dogg regularly perform in Las Vegas casinos. You can spot these singers at the blackjack or poker table.

Besides performing at the casinos, some musicians have tried their luck at gambling. Many popular singers and musicians, including Nelly, Ja Rule, Coolio, Patrick Bruel, and others, have taken part in the Worth Series of Poker.

You will see many slot games in the casinos created in the name of popular singers. Britney Spears herself has inaugurated the Britney Spears slot machine in Planet Hollywood Casino & Resort. She even performed live there to please the fans.

If you visit the popular casinos in Las Vegas, don’t be surprised to see some of your favourite singers performing live or playing poker. Spotting famous musicians in a Las Vegas casino has become a common event now.