If you are a musician, then you want to promote your music here. This magazine is about music and musicians. The readers of this magazine are enthusiastic about music, and they read the articles to know about musicians, music, venues, concerts, and more.

As a musician, you need to promote your music so that people can notice you. This is a great platform to showcase your talent and stand out from the others. You can choose from the various ad choices we offer to the clients. The banner ad is the most common form of advertisement, and the clients choose this option for its flexibility.

Banner ads

We offer banner ads of different sizes. You can share your ad space with other clients. Your ad will be rotated along with other ads for a specific time. The banner ads look attractive, and many people click on them to learn more. You can create a banner ad about your album or concert that you want to promote.


As the music industry is very crowded, it is quite difficult to impress audiences with new songs. We can write good reviews about your previous songs or concerts so that the audiences feel the urge to listen to your songs, buy your album or attend your concert. The reviews are written in a way to highlight your works from others.

Social media ads

Social media ads can help to reach a wide number of audiences within a short time. We are very active on our social media pages. We post information about upcoming concerts, new album releases, new musicians, and more.

The audiences keep an eye on our social media pages to learn about music, venues, and more. We can create attractive social media ads for your music, album, or concert. The ads will redirect the audience to your page, where they can find more information.

You can offer a promotional code for the audiences so that they get a special discount on their purchase of a music album or concert ticket. For further information about these advertising options, you can contact us.