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Well, as you can see, the principal news we have for you is that Sonnerie has become a trio once more and we have finally updated the website!

The trio has returned to the tried and tested formula of violin, viola da gamba and harpsichord/organ. This enables us to dig out our old favourites and make music in the intimate and friendly fashion that comes of years of collaboration and friendship. Emilia is now restricting herself to the viol (the violin and viola not being required in such a small group), and James has officially become our new keyboard player, although he has in fact been playing with us on and off for years. Monica is now the Artistic Director of the newly established Historical Performance Program at the Juilliard School of Music in New York, and this, combined with her move from London to the deepest countryside, has prompted our transformation back to trio.

As you have probably noticed, due to this reshuffle and Monica's new job commitments, we are rather low on concerts just now. We are currently organising tours in the Far East and USA in 2011, for which we have a new co-ordinator based in the US, Mitzi Matlock, whose details you can find on the Promoters page.