Johann Sebastian Bach: Orchestral Suites
Four Orchestral Suites for Prince Leopold of Anhalt-KöthenEnsemble Sonnerie, Monica Huggett (violin/director), Gonzalo X. Ruiz (oboe)
Bach Cantatas
Avie AV 2171
Ensemble Sonnerie, under the direction of Monica Huggett, returns to AVIE Records with a new musical view on the Orchestral Suites by J.S.Bach. The recording includes a reconstruction of the ever-popular Second Suite by the leading oboist in the period instrument field, Gonzalo X. Ruiz, a world premiere recording.
Johann Sebastian Bach: Violin Concertos
BWV 1041, 1042, 1052 & 1056 Monica Huggett, Sonnerie (Emilia Benjamin, Claudia Coombs, Hannah Tibell vns, Louise Hogan va, Joseph Crouch vc, Christine Sticher db, Hatthew Halls hpd)
Bach Cantatas
Gaudeamus GAU356
“No matter how many versions of the Bach violin concertos you already own, this one is a must.”
International Record Review
Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantatas
BWV 84, 202 & 209 Sonnerie with Nancy Argenta (soprano)
Bach Cantatas
Re-released as
Virgin Veritas 5616442
“This is a captivating performance...Recommended.”
Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantatas
BWV 82a, 199, 51 Sonnerie with Nancy Argenta (soprano)
Bach Cantatas
Re-released as
Virgin Veritas 5616442
“Nancy Argenta is in excellent voice, and fully attuned to the nuances of Bach's elaborate vocal lines...the third cantata on the disc which features the admirable Sonnerie under Monica Huggett, is the popular Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen (BWV 51)...joined here by the irreproachable Crispian Steele-Perkins whose is always careful to complement, rather than compete with, the vocalist.”
The Times, August 1994
Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonatas for Violin and Continuo
and works by Schmelzer, Schenk, Böhm, and Erlebach
Bach Sonatas
“Lyricism and relaxation are not lacking in Monica Huggett's playing in the Bach sonatas...”
Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonatas and Partitas
for solo violin Monica Huggett
Bach Sonatas
Virgin 5452052
  • Gramophone magazine Editors Choice December 1997
Johann Sebastian Bach: Musical Offering, BWV 1079
Musical Offering
Virgin CD 45139
“This must be the most purely enjoyable Musical Offering for a long time.”
Gramophone magazine Critic's Choice 1996
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber: Violin Sonatas, Nisi Dominus, Passacaglia
Sonnerie with Thomas Guthrie (bass baritone)
Biber Sonatas
CD GAU 203
  • Gramophone Award Winner 2002 (Baroque Instrumental)
  • ***** BBC Music Magazine, October 2001
  • “9” rating in Repertoire Magazine (France)
  • BBC Music Magazine Critics' Choice - December 2001
“This is a disc that merits the attention of anybody who appreciates the highest flights of violin playing, from whatever period.”
The Telegraph, August 2001.
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber: Mystery Sonatas (vol. 1)
Biber Mystery Sonatas
CD GAU 350
“With the tonal sweetness of Huggett’s three violins resonating pleasingly through the many double- and multiple-stoppings and her bowing demonstrating a delicious lightness and freedom, she admirably displays her eloquent command of Biber’s sublime and richly symbolic language. Huggett’s [approach] is ravishing in its sonorities, her supporting cast adding significantly to the exotic sounds of the various scordaturas and the overall effect of her intelligent, stylish and expressive playing.”
The Strad Magazine, November 2004
“Monica Huggett is very alive to the essential virtuosity of Biber’s adventurous violin writing... Sonnerie provides music-making which is so unashamedly dazzling, vivid and exuberant...glorious performances.”
International Record Review, Oct 2004
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber: Mystery Sonatas (vol. 2)
Biber Mystery Sonatas
CD GAU 351
“Huggett's playing - on three violins - shines with ease and expression”
The Times
“Huggett’s imaginative approach and lively response to detail are among the most rewarding aspects of her version of these emotionally rewarding pieces.”
**** BBC Music Magazine, December 2004
“Of all the recordings now available of Biber...this [is] by far and away the most spectacular, exuberant, colourful and downright ravishing of them all. Huggett positively revels in the virtuosity of Biber’s original...Huggett’s beautifully crafted performance of the complex and, at times, profoundly moving solo Passacaglia rounds off what is a matchless recording from every perspective.”
International Record Review, Nov 2004
Dietrich Buxtehude: Trio Sonatas opp.1 & 2
Buxtehude Sonatas
“This attractive program was recorded to celebrate Buxtehude's 350th birthday. Though unfamiliar to most modern listeners, Buxtehude's trio sonatas are landmarks in chamber music.”
Arcangelo Corelli: Violin Sonatas Op.5
Corelli Sonatas
Virgin Veritas 5622362
“[Monica Huggett] brings a sweetness of tone and a perfection of technical control that cannot but inspire admiration on their own count, but in combination with such unerring musical insight as is to be found here makes these into quite masterly interpretations.”
Gramophone, Sept. 1990
A Portait of Love: Clerambault, Monteclair, Marais & Couperin.
Sonnerie with Nancy Argenta, soprano
Portrait of Love
2001 Harmonia Mundi 957081
Harmonia Mundi
François Couperin: Concerts Royaux Nos.1-4
Couperin Concerts
CD GAU 101
  • Penguin Guide ***
“Enjoyable, spirited playing”
BBC Radio 3 Record Review
Fontana, Cima & Turini: Violin Sonatas
Fontana Sonatas
1996 Double CD
Handel: Trio Sonatas Op. 2
Sonnerie with Wilbert Hazelzet
Handel Trios
AV 0033
***** “A winner”
Classic FM Magazine, Jan 2004
***** “A thoroughly delightful disc.”
BBC Music Magazine, Feb 2004
“Sonnerie's violins dance nimbly or swoon deliciously in Handel's rich, graceful melodies. Their attractive tone is both astringent and sweet, luminous and full of shadows ... their recorded sound is also impressively lucid ... this disc far outshines the competition”
International Record Review, Mar 2004
Handel: The Six Organ Concertos Op. 4
Matthew Halls - organ
Handel Organ Concertos
AV 2055
“Matthew Halls and Sonnerie give intimately scaled performances ... clarity of texture and delicacy of interplay ... a delight.”
Daily Telegraph, May 2005
“...cleanly articulated playing, by turns energetic and soulful, which Halls enlivens further through luminous registrations and dynamic ornamentation...very successful.”
International Record Review, June 2005
William Lawes: The Royall Consorts
Lawes Suites
  • Gramophone Critics' Choice
“This is an accomplished performance of marvellous music”
Early Music Review
“...tonal sweetness and exemplary musicianship. Highly recommended”
Jean-Marie Leclair: Violin Sonatas
Leclair Sonatas
  • Gramophone Award Nomination
“Leclair's violin has never been so well represented”
A Gift of Nature
Chamber Music of the 17th Century Sonnerie with Stephen Stubbs & Andrew Lawrence-King
17th Century trios
Teldec 4509-90841
“...despatched with effortless ease by Monica Huggett, whose smoothly elegant playing is both untroubled by the music's technical demands and happily enhanced by the gentle and spacious acoustic of The Maltings, Snape.”
Gramophone, May 1994
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Three Piano Quartets
K478, K493 & K452
Mozart Quartets
CD GAU 212
“An outstanding recording from Sonnerie”
“..full of character...well conceived and rehearsed...Highly recommended”
Early Music Review
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Flute Quartets
KV 285, KV 285a, KV 285b, KV298 Sonnerie with Claire Guimond (baroque flute)
Mozart Quartets
Early Music EMCCD 7754
Early Music
Jean-Philippe Rameau: Pièces de clavecin en concerts 1741
Rameau Clavecin
Re-released as
Virgin Veritas x2 5618722
“[These pieces] have been recorded several times in recent years, but never with the unrivalled warmth and maturity of interpretation that Sonnerie bring to this reading.”
Gramophone, Sept. 1989
Johan Helmich Roman: Trio Sonatas
Roman Sonatas
Musica Sveciae cd# 408
Christopher Simpson: The Monthes
Simpson Monthes
Re-released as
Virgin Veritas x2 5621612
Georg Philipp Telemann: Paris Quartets
Sonnerie with Wilbert Hazelzet (baroque flute)
Telemann Quartets
Re-released as
Virgin Veritas x2 61812
“Sonnerie's extremely fluent performances are distinguished by taste and elegance throughout”
BBC Music Magazine
Antonio Vivaldi: Trio Sonatas Op. 1
Vivaldi Trios
CPO999 511-2
“This is a first-rate release which comfortably outclasses any rival versions of Vivaldi’s Op. 1.”
Antonio Vivaldi: Baroque Recorder Concertos
Concerti by Vivaldi, Telemann and SammartiniSonnerie with Pamela Thorby
Vivaldi Recorder Concertos
Linn Records
The World's First Piano Concertos
JC Bach, Abel, Hayes & Hook Sonnerie with David Owen Norris (piano)
World's First
AV 1514
  • **** BBC Music Magazine, April 2003